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 Holmesdale Angling and Conservation Society

Rules and Bye-laws 2017


 1)   The Society shall be called the ' Holmesdale Angling and Conservation Society ' and have for its object the advancement of Angling.

 2)  a.  The Trustees of the Society shall be two members appointed at an AGM and hold this position until such time that they decide to give up the position or they are removed at a Special General Meeting in accordance to rule 7.

     b. The Management of the Society shall be in the hands of the Committee comprised of the Chairman,

         Vice-Chairman, Hon. Treasurer, Hon. Secretary, (the principle officers) Competition Secretary,

Membership Secretary, Fisheries Officer(1), Fisheries Officer(2), Fisheries Officer(3), Publicity Officer, Junior Officer, Head Bailiff, Bailiff, all elected at the Annual General Meeting. The Committee shall have power to co-opt up to a maximum of two additional Members for such period of time as the Committee shall require. The Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and one other designated Officer shall be empowered to sign cheques on behalf of the Society. All cheques must bear two signatures.

3)      A Qualified Accountant shall be appointed at the Annual General Meeting to audit the books and accounts of the Society verifying all receipts and payments and generally vouch for the correctness of the Financial Statement presented at the Annual General Meeting.

4)      Capital Share Holders of the Club shall be Senior, Senior Citizen and Life members.

5)      The committee shall have the power to make bye-laws, which shall be binding on all members until the next Annual or Special General Meeting. At this meeting they shall be by vote, annulled or include as rules. The committee shall have no power to change Constitutional or Committee rules, these may only be done at a Special General Meeting or Annual General Meeting.

6)      Any member wishing to initiate a change in the Society's Rules at the Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting (see rule 7), must supply the proposal in writing, to the Secretary at least 28 days before the date of the meeting.

7)       Special General Meeting of the Society shall be called by the Secretary. Notice containing a statement of the Meeting    shall be posted to all Members at least 14 days before the Meeting. A Special General Meeting may be requested by the committee or at the wish of any Member provided that the notice, in writing, is given to the Secretary giving 28 clear days notice.


8)       Code of Conduct for Committee Members. Upon receipt of a complaint in relation to the behaviour of any Committee Member, a meeting shall be called within 14 days to investigate the complaint. If found to be   substantiated, he or she may be expelled with immediate effect.

a.   Committee Meeting shall be held monthly or bimonthly as deemed appropriate.


c.   Any Committee Member missing three consecutive meetings without reasonable excuse may be asked to   resign.

d.   Vacancies arising on the Committee to be filled by appointment at the Annual General Meeting or by co- option ratified at the following Annual General Meeting. Any member wishing to stand for election at the Annual General Meeting must submit the nomination to the secretary 28 days before the meeting. The nomination must be proposed or seconded by an existing Committee member.

e.   Five Committee Members will constitute a quorum. Any meeting being held must have one of the four    principle officers in attendance.

f.   All members of the Committee including co-opted members shall have equal voting rights for the duration of their term of office.


9)      Membership categories. (J) Junior, up to and including 11years old. (JP) Junior Plus, 12 years to and including 15 years old. (I) Intermediate, 16 years and 17years old. (S) Senior 18 years to and including 64 years old. (SC) Senior Citizen, 65 years old and over. (SP) Spouse of Senior, Senior Citizen or Life member. (L) Life member. (SI) Social Member Individuel. (SF) Social Members Family.                        (C) Complementary Member.

10)    Any Senior Member may attend the AGM and be entitled to vote on any subject except for Membership

of the Committee, the latter being restricted to those adult members who have two year, consecutive

membership and attended the required number of working parties.


12)    Annual Subscription cheques and postal orders made payable to Holmesdale Angling and Conservation society.

13)    Members may purchase Guest Tickets for friends to fish the Society's waters, provided the Member remains with the friend and takes responsibility for the latter observing the Society's Rules. To be able to verify the guest's conduct the member and guest must occupy adjacent swims not more than one swim apart. Guest Tickets to be obtained before starting to fish. Anyone not in possession of a Guest Ticket will be asked to vacate the Society', property. Maximum of two permits to be issued to any one Member on anyone day. Guest Tickets are valid only for a twenty four hour period for the calendar date shown on the face.

14)     All Members and authorised holders of Guest Tickets enter on the Society's Property entirely at their own risk. The Society does, not accept any liability for death, injury, theft or damage to property.

15)     The right of the Society to fish is liable to be, from time to time, limited or extended and these Rule and privileges of the Members are subject to such right, and the Society shall not be liable to return to any Member fees he may have paid to the Society for such privilege.

16)    Any Members or their guests found breaking Society rules may have their membership card confiscated by a Society bailiff or committee member. This will then be passed together with a report of the incident to the Committee for further action.

17)     All members are authorised to act as Water Bailiffs and to report any infringement of rules to a Committee member. A current Membership Card or valid Guest Ticket must be produced on demand to a Water Bailiff, Committee Member or Member on production of their Membership Card. In the event of any Member wilfully breaking any of the rules, regulations and bye-laws of the Society, the Society shall have the power to expel such Member, who shall have no claim on the Society or any Member thereof for compensation or for the return of any subscription paid. No Member shall be expelled under this rule except at a monthly Committee Meeting or meeting specially convened for the purpose.

18)    The Society shall have the power to commence any prosecution for any offence committed which they may consider detrimental to the objectives of the Society.

19)     Access to Society Waters. Access and any special rules relating to club waters are on The Water

Details Maps and should be consulted before commencing to fish. Vehicles should at all times be parked only in designated areas, all access gates used must be closed and secured when both entering and leaving the Society's property.

20)    Cars should be parked in designated areas so as not to cause obstruction.

21)    Any member who loses there Membership Card, ID card or Rule Book must notify the Membership Secretary immediately. Replacement items must be obtained from the Membership Secretary on payment of a sum agreed at the discretion of the Committee.


23)     Membership cards to be carried at all times and to be produced on demand by a Committee member, Bailiff or a member of the society, on production of there ID.

All members are authorised to act as Water Bailiff’s and to report any infringement of rules to a Committee member.

24)    The Society request the use of barb-less hooks at all times.

25)    No Member shall discard litter at any time and shall be responsible for clearing away any litter that may be left at the swim they have occupied; expulsion from the Society will automatically follow this non compliance.

26)    Maximum number of rods to be used: Chipstead small lake and Montreal Park - 2 rods; Longford Lake - 3 rods. All rods used must be confined to one swim and used in a manner so as not to inconvenience other members. No unattended tackle to be left in a swim, all lines to be removed from the water if leaving a swim.

27)    Any member or guest deemed to be specimen fishing must use an unhooking mat.

28)    The use of a gaff is prohibited

29)    The use of pike gags is prohibited.

30)    All anglers must have an appropriate size landing net, assembled for use.

31)    The maximum size of live baits is to be restricted to not more than six inches. No live or dead to be removed for use as bait elsewhere.

32)    No live fish may be introduced to any Society water without written consent

33)    All fish to be returned to the water where they were caught.

34)     Keep-nets must conform to the prevailing Environment Agency byelaws relating to length, diameter and material type. Members if using keep-nets must ensure that they are placed in sufficient depth of water, that they are not overcrowded and that the fish are not in distress.

35)    The season for fishing in the Society's waters shall be as laid down by the relevant water authority or other statutory body or as otherwise determined by the Society.

36)    All Members must abide by the bye-laws of the relevant water Authorities.

37)    All Members must at all time behave in such a manner as not to cause any disturbance to wild life or other persons.

38)    Any Member hooking or entangling any fowl must make every effort to untangle the fowl with the least amount of harm, if unable to do so, a Committee Menmber must be notified.

39)    Angling shall not be permitted in any other manner than rod and line. No Member or Guest Ticket holder to use more rods than permitted by the relevant water authority rules or as otherwise determined as the Society

40)    Any member found damaging any lock, gates, floating craft, fences, banks, grass, trees or foliage, or other property adjoining lakes and rivers shall be expelled. No Member or Guest Ticket holder shall at any time fish from floating craft, or make use of such for the playing or landing of fish or placing baits.

No fires to be lit at any time.

41)    Anglers are banned from using the following baits from Montreal Park; boilies, peanuts, particle baits

and no floating baits.

42)    No angler may occupy a swim more than 24 hours before the start of a new season. No angler may occupy a swim for more than 3 consecutive days if challenged by another Member or authorised person.

43)    For the purposes of night fishing temporary shelters may be used but not in excess of two man bivvies.

44)    No swimming or boating (with the exception of bait boats on Longford Lake) on any club controlled waters.

45)    No member may fish, prepare to fish or occupy any swim being used for a competition from 6.00am untill the end of the competition and swim vacated.

Notice of competition and pegs, will be posted a minimum of fourteen days in advance on the notice board, web site and facebook.

Where no peg numbers are booked, the competition will be fished around swims already occupied

46)    Social members must be residents of Chevening, Riverhead or Dunton Green Parish, OR have been nominated (in writing) by a full senior member of the club, and approved   by the committee.

 47)   Dogs are to be kept under control at all times. (Please clean up any dog mess on the paths and fishing areas).

 48)   Social members have pedestrian access to all the land controlled by the club, but are only allowed to fish at Montreal Park.

 49)   Social members may not disturb any fishing members, or disrupt the tranquil atmosphere most anglers seek, with boisterous or loud behaviour.

 50)   If a fishing member wishes to fish an area (swim) a social member is occupying, the social member must give way and vacate the area promptly. This rule does NOT apply to Montreal Park, where it is 'first come, first served'.

 51)   No bonfires allowed at any time. Social members may have barbecues and picnics at Montreal Park ONLY. Please clean up afterwards.

 52)   Social members may attend the Club AGM but cannot vote.


1)      The draw shall take place at 8.00am and fishing shall commence at 09.15am or at the Competition Secretary's discretion. No member may book in for a competition after 10.00 hours

2)      Only HOLMESDALE ANGLING AND CONSERVATION SOCIETY members may compete for the Society competitions.

3)      Night Hawk - Fishing will commence from a "walk off' at the time stated.

4)      Night Hawk competition to be fished using a maximum of two rods.

5)      The start and finish of all competitions shall be by whistle.

6)      All matches to be fished to NFA rules, all matches except special single specified matches, fished ‘all in’

7)      Wright Cup and Rosebowl to be roach only.

8)      Hybrids will not count for specimen awards.

9)      No member shall move more than 12m from his peg without first removing his tackle from the water and unbaiting his hook. A competitor’s swim shall be defined as: on still water – half way between his peg and that of competitors on either side; on moving water – 1m upstream and within 1m of the competitors downstream.


11)    The Society Championship and other 'series' competitions shall be fished on a point’s basis, points to be awarded as follows: First place is awarded 10 points; second 9 points and so on. In the event of a tie between two or more competitors the points will be totalled together and divided equally between them.

12)    In the event of a tie on total points, winner decided by gross weight.

26/05/2016 Rules

13)    Fish to be hooked and landed without assistance from any other person, except persons who have obtained prior permission of the Competition Secretary.

14)    All fish hooked on or before the final whistle may be played, landed, and weighed in within Fifteen minutes of the whistle.

15)    The weigh-in will be at the competitor’s pegs, by the Competition Secretary.

16)    No dead fish to be weighed in. No fish to be weighed in during competitions, unless expressly approved by the Competition Secretary e.g. Specimen fish not to be kept in keep net.

17)    In any dispute the Competition Secretary's decision is final and binding.

18)    Any Member intending to weigh in fish for a competition must remove all rods on final whistle and must not recommence fishing until after weighing in.

19)    There will be a maximum of two matches on Montreal Park and Chipstead small lake per season.