Holmesdale Angling and Conservation Society est. 1940’s


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  Holmesdale Angling and Conservation Society is a small and friendly Society, originally founded in the the 1940`s. at that time our principal fishery LONGFORD LAKE (also called Chipstead Lake ) was still a working gravel pit although it has been many  years since extraction last took place and was then called the Holmesdale Angling Society until a few years ago when the membership changed the name to the present title.

  The Society covers a range of angling interests including competition fishing with matches throughout the Season. The majority of our members are pleasure and specimen anglers with roach, bream , carp and pike being the target species. Holmesdale Angling and Conservation Society has negotiated arrangements with other clubs in the region which provides our members with access to their waters.

So by being a member of HACS you have access to other clubs waters. So being a HACS member you will have opportunity to fish a variety of waters to which you would not normally have access to.

Exchange tickets held for the Clubs shown below

 And if you click the name of the club it takes you to that clubs web site

Crawley Angling Society

Holland Angling Society

Tonbridge and District Angling and Fish Preservation Society

Crowhurst Fishing Club

Any HACS member fishing on an exchange tickets is subject to the rules of the host club

No more than 2 rods to be used on Montreal Park and

on Longford Small Lake, plus no Bait Boats



provided that their use complies with the Society regulations and the appropriate Number of Environment Agency Licenses are held.  

NIGHT FISHING IS ALLOWED ON OUR WATERS but Juniors under 12’s must be accompanied by a senior member