Holmesdale Angling and Conservation Society est. 1940’s


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Holmesdale Angling and Conservation Society is a small and friendly Society, originally founded in the 1940`s and covers a wide range of angling interests including competition fishing throughout the Season.

   There is also competitions during the the year which members can join in.

       The majority of our members are pleasure and specimen anglers with roach, bream, carp and pike being the target species.  Dogs are welcome, so long as it's kept under control at all times.

All our waters are private fishing

For Questions

please call 07908328584

or eMail chris.becker1@btinternet.com

Cormorant watch

To print a Fishing Membership application Form click the Icon below HACS_Membership_Form_new2017_18.pdf

  To print a Fishing Membership renewal Form click the Icon below

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To print a Social Membership application Form click the Icon belowHacs Membership Social Form 2017-2018.pdf

Open for new members with no close season

Winter Work Party’s

Three winter work party's to work on the big lake.

Dates 4th & 18th Feb 2018

Meet from 9:00am for a 10am start.

Location for meeting up is the club hut


   Please be advised that the club membership card is not valid unless there is a    photo of on it.

   Due to some problems over the past few weeks anybody with a membership   card without your photo will be asked to pack up and leave so get your photo on   the card like it says to do.

   Also, you should have your membership card on you whenever on club land    regardless if you are fishing or not.

    Due to recurring problems regarding the 2 swims at the Dunton Green

    end of Longford Lake opposite the Tesco Estate please take note of the


     A. Under no circumstances go on the Tesco side of the lake. With the exception     of the public footpath, this "open amenity space" is private property and     according to the Sevenoaks District Planning Dept. is for your visual pleasure     only.

    B. When fishing any of these 2 swims keep the noise down, behave  in a     reasonable fashion and bear in mind a few residents may be photographing you     while you are picking your nose or whatever you are doing.

    C. If you do encounter any problems with the residents on the opposite bank, do     NOT take matters in your own hands and escalate the situation. Instead notify     either Steve Manklow or Chris Becker (tel. nos. on membership card) and they     will act on your behalf.

     D. Any member considered to be endangering the well being of the club in this      area will be suspended and/or banned from the club.

Thanks, Chris(Chairman)


As members may or may not know we do NOT officially have the right to fish the front stretch of the sand on our lease of the lake that part is owned by the sailing club. The sailing club however are happy for us to continue fishing it all the times the boats are not in use or racing as they like to call it (if there’s one loaner out there on a still day that doesn’t count ) .so please refrain from fishing there when the boats are out .if your doing the nights then reel in and go get a stake and chips in the bricklayers arms I hear it’s excellent


The committee

Match News

Pike Match, Feb. 11.

Rover. Draw 0700 hrs. on the sailing club road by the storage shed. Non members £6 plus pools.

Members pools only.

Contact Andy Booth for more info on 07748155232.